Top 5 Ways Burglars Break In Your Business

Businesses often underestimate the precise tactics of thieves and burglars. We are here to educate you with the Top 5 Ways your business is likely to be broken into so you can take necessary precautions to keep your home from becoming a statistic.


According to expert criminals and crimefighters alike, the common threads of business break ins include:

1. Evidence – Consistent patterns of coming and going, visual evidence that a business is or closed or a blatant absence portrayed on Facebook, Twitter or other social media are giveaways that a criminal has the go ahead to make their next hit with your business as the prime target.

2. Deterrents – If your home does not have motion lighting, a dog, beware of dog signs, business security system, your business is all the more likely to be a target. Criminals are more likely to avoid the inconvenience of all of above.

3. Obvious ease– a burglars ultimate break in mode is through an unlocked window or door. Make sure you keep all doors and windows locked.

4. Window pane door – Doors w/ window panes or easy to smash so the burglar can then reach in and unlock the door for easy entry. Take note: security resistant, metal or steel doors do not work as well in this scenario.

5. Tools– Crow bars, Credit Cards and “Bump Keys” are all go-to tools that help burglars get into your business as quickly as possible. Business security systems, access control and cameras are available that can interfere with these device’s ease of use.

Eliminating obvious signals that will make your business a target for break ins and keeping informed of crime trends in your neighborhood and local area are a great way to be proactive and keeping your business off the area break in report. Aside from all of above, the #1 way to prevent home burglary is with a state of the art security system.


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