Use your security system!

Use your security system! Time and time again I speak with clients and non-clients that have a home security system, and they state they rarely use it. For me and my family, having and using the security system is as essential as having any other utility, like gas and electric.

So why do people who have security systems not use them? One of the most common reasons for not using a security system is that they become a hassle. Most families are in and out of the home numerous times on a daily basis with kids under foot. I completely understand that completing one more task can become tedious and seem time consuming, but this is your security we are talking about! Other reasons include the system false alarms a lot. This could be a symptom of a poor installation or aging equipment or the proper equipment was not installed in the first place. Making sure you have a licensed and professional alarm company performing the installation is very important to a successful and trouble free installation. Stay away from the “mass market-do it all for nothing” companies, because you get what you pay for.


Using a security system should not interfere with your daily life style, so a system that is easy to use, proper training and company support goes a long way toward using the system on a daily basis and integrating it into your family’s routine. Security systems these days are much easier to use and are significantly more advanced than their predecessors.

Remote controls are common now and with an internet compatible security system you can now control it from many mobile devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, blackberry and even a computer from anywhere in the world. You can arm and disarm the system, check its status and even turn on lights and control the temperature of your home. All this and more is available at your fingertips from devices that you already use.

So if you still don’t use your security system, call your company and get that training and use the security you are paying for. Upgrade to a system that is easier to use, get in the habit of arming and disarming the system as you come and go. Please don’t get complacent, just because you have had no trouble now, does not mean that it could never happen to you. Home break-in’s occur about every 30 seconds in the United States. So give yourself some peace of mind and use that alarm system.


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