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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews and Testimonials from Premier Security & Electronics home security and business security customers.

The pride we take in our work and customer satisfaction shows in the feedback we receive from customers. Please take a moment to read the reviews below submitted our customers.

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Captain William R. Milligan

Administrative Commander
New Brunswick Police Department
New Brunswick, NJ

The New Brunswick Police Department had the opportunity to contract work on our Keri Card Access system to Premier Security and Electronics. After our initial consultation, we were so impressed with their knowledge that we added to our initial project and ended up relocating all control panels to a central location in addition to adding two access points.

Premier worked without impacting daily operations and the completed job was extremely neat and professional in appearance. Premier completed the work in a timely manner despite setbacks due to building construction.I highly recommend Premier Security and Electronics not only for their caliber of work but their “Old School” work ethics. In my experience, vendors like Premier are few and far between.

I have been a client of Premier Security for more than 10 years. What started as a simple alarm system has mushroomed into a fairly complex system of both alarm and video surveillance. The most important aspect to any working relationship for me is whether the company will be there when you need them most and not just there to sell you systems you don’t need.

I can honestly say that Brandon has been the utmost professional in all of our dealings. He has carefully reviewed my needs and has suggested the systems that would work best for me and within my budget. But more importantly, he has always been there when there was a problem. Alarms and video surveillance systems from time to time will have an issue that needs to be dealt with.

As a business owner, I need to know that any situation will be handled quite quickly and the system back to full working order as quickly as possible. Brandon has always been there and for that I have always used him for all my security needs.

George Jeffrey Lega, Owner
The Record Store
Howell, New Jersey


What I don’t want to ever hear is that someone will get back to me within a week or so if here is a problem it needs to be handled as quickly as possible.

Brandon has always done that for me, and has never let me down.

I can honestly recommend him and his work 100%.

 Michael & Kathleen Hafey

Home Security Customer

Matawan, NJ

If you’re looking for a home alarm system, definitely give Premier a call. We recently bought a home in Matawan, and had all the “big” companies (ADT, Slomans, ect) give us prices on an alarm. It quickly became clear to us, that none of them were concerned with securing our house. They didn’t care what type of system we bought or what the… system consisted of, they just wanted us to sign a contract.

Premier came out and not only educated us on the latest in home security but helped us design a system that would make our family feel secure. There equipment and pricing was better than all of their competitors and the level of professionalism they showed was unmatched. The install was prompt and very neat and they made sure we knew the in’s and out’s of the system before they finished. Trust me when I say that if you purchase an alarm from Premier, you’ll not only feel protected but you’ll also feel like your money was well spent. This company is top notch.

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