Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire detection also plays an important role in protecting the safety and lives of emergency response personnel.

Property loss can be reduced and downtime for the operation minimized through early detection because efforts to control the fire are started while it is still small. Alarm systems can provide important information, as to the location of the fire to emergency personnel which also helps to speed the process of evacuation and fire control.

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Fire Detection Systems

Fire alarm systems consist of numerous types of detectors including smoke detectors, very early warning smoke detectors or aspiration systems, flame detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, natural and other gas detection, heat detectors (usually not considered a life safety device), manual pull stations are just to name a few.

Fire alarm systems are designed, by professionals, to detect fires early in their development, when time is still available for the safe evacuation of occupants. Early warning of a fire is vital to saving lives, as fires can spread rapidly.

Selecting the Correct System

The type of fire detection used in your facility or home should be based upon the current national and local codes and your fire safety objectives. Remember the code states the minimum protection required, there is no limit to how much you can add.

In the case of fire alarm systems more is always better. These objectives will flow from a risk assessment of your facility and operation from a professional fire alarm company. Your tolerance for risk and how much you can afford to lose is an important part of this process.

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